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I approach weddings from an editorial and story building concept of art, with a gravitated touch towards all which lends their aesthetics towards intentional styling and origins towards backstories of interest.



As a wedding photographer, I seek to capture all the moments that will help in stitching together a beautiful gallery for you to enjoy, and for those after to cherish.

The Process

Throughout the wedding day, I tend to be the silent observer – to take in the energy of the day and capture elements that best encapsulates the essence of the day.


I will always be present by your side and my role is in recognising and following the constant flux: between times when there is a need for guidance and direction, and when it is time to be hands off and allowing a moment to happen organically.


The wedding day gallery will always be reflective of the energy of the day. If your wedding day was a blast of a celebration and smiles all around, you’ll find yourself smiling ear to ear while flipping through the photos. Likewise, should your wedding day be one of a more intimate nature, that beautiful quiet love will be present in the gallery as a blanket of comfort and remembrance. Your wedding day is you, all of it.







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If you like what you see and are keen to have me be a part of your wedding journey, drop me a message via the website’s enquiry form and I can’t wait to see what we’ll make together.



local : in-person

overseas : online session

Wedding photography is a collaborative effort towards building and capturing memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.


The start to any meaningful collaboration is one I thoroughly enjoy: a simple face-to-face meetup over some good coffee and a great conversation with open hearts. 


To better understand your wedding day needs 

 and more importantly – you


If the vibe is right,

it’s a go

After speaking in person, it would be quickly established that we would be a team on the big day; a collaborative effort is all but imperative towards our shared goal in capturing the best and most important moments throughout the day.


If you and I are all aboard the same ship, then I can’t wait for it to start sailing so we can start photographing your wedding day in all of its beauty.

Words from

my kind couples

of my body of work


secretive and warm

finding beauty in the ordinary

simple aesthetics


classy and understated

“the ‘realness’ of some of the photos”


emotive . space . focus

the list above features a series of honest observations

that outlines my style beautifully

and I hope to integrate your vision on the continuous mission to evolve mine

I find myself deeply enamoured by the process of making: being in a moment, having seen something so beautiful and then needing to make something of it;

My purpose is to document all that is real, all that I feel and all that is needed to encapsulate the sentimental embodiment of that experience

“What will these photographs tell of us, to those who know not of my breath, but my soul?”